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Rain & Sea is Sealup's manifesto. The all-round quality and strong style of its raincoats and peacoats are the core elements underpinning the development of each collection.


Symbol of marine inspiration, its rigorous but not too formal style has made it the contemporary alternative of the traditional coat. Metropolitan outwear, it boasts a versatility that allows both casual or formal use depending on the occasion. Available in different lenght and fabrics, from double-faced cashmere to english corduroy, it is complete and functional thanks to the Graphene or Thermore padding, that allows who’s wearing it to face the winter climate with style, without forgetting performance.


Elegant tailor-like production coupled with high quality fabric choice create the perfect coats for those who are looking for a classical but at the same time contemporary style, suited to be worn in any occasion, for casual and elegant looks.


Sealup’s roots are the raincoats, that for over 80 years represent the brand’s DNA. Exceptional performance joined with cutting edge solutions in material’s treatment preserve their truthfulness. Thermore padding and Shetland wool linings enrich the garments, creating a perfect synthesis between design and comfort.


The iconic rain hat, with its peculiar shape designed to let the water slide away, represents a strong reminder of the sea-wolf, symbol of the brand.
Designed to protect head, neck and hair from the most adverse weather conditions, its retro design makes it an accessory with a strong stylistic impact. The collection proposals feature styles matchable with raincoats.