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Past and present

““The building -- designed by Ar. Renato Bazzoni – stands near the entrance of the motorways to Turin and to the Lakes; it arises with a play of volumes, so well designed that everything appears light, slender, inviting. There is an immediate feeling that the work, within those walls of a pleasant and welcoming environment, must be carried out without < psychological burden >”.
External night view of Sealup factory
The cutting room, as the managing director could see it through an internal window.
“All construction elementsand cladding materials werechosen taking into consideration the humanneeds of those who have towork in the environment, spending there most of theirtime.
A notable use of wood, forexample, and the colors ofthe walls studied to be everywhere as bright aspossible and at the sametime soothing, in line with the most recent studies onthe application of color inthe workplace”.
A moving chain brings the garments from the manufacturing area directly to the finishing dept. for final process and ironing.
““The interior spaces consider afourth dimension: light.
So a lot of glass, but alsoeffective screens that cangraduate the intensity of the light according to themoment of the day and of theseasons”.
Workwomen in the production room, equipped with multiple windows, of which different shapes respond to natural ventilation and lighting needs.
“The canteen, theshippingdepartment andthe warehouseheld in the basement floor”.
Quality control and shipping department..
The canteen, decorated by a nice wall composition,had large windows, thanks to the low external ground.
The loading of goods took place in the internal courtyard and was made easier by freightelevators, put just at the very same level of the yard.
The canteen, decorated by a nice wall composition,had large windows, thanks to the low external ground.
“The staff is provided with several, extensive and well maintainedservices (located in each processing department); finishes are in highquality materials. There is no shortage of special and well-equipped rooms for first aid, for medical examinations and resting area where to recover frompossible indisposition”.
A detail of the showroom
The clerks’ offices.
The reception hall.
The showroom.
Filippo Chiesa with a worker in the factory in Caluscod'Adda (BG).
"Today Sealup hassupported with theutmost respect the samespirit of serene human relationships. To implement this longpath started in the 50’s,Sealup is now drawing upboth a social andenvironmentalcertification incompliance with UNI EN ISO 14001. As of 2020, allproduction textileinventories are dividedaccording to their different compositionsand collected by certifiedcompanies, which willrecycle them totally tobecome once again rawmaterials”.
Workers in the Sealup factory in Calusco d'Adda (BG).
Group photo of the workers.